To all travelers searching for fun amid a universe of games:We're happy that you've chanced upon SPARK NEXA's exclusive signal of happiness and are able to resonate with it!SPARK NEXA was born in the year 2021 as a young but energetic game company.Our story begins with a “retrogaming” get-together. At the gathering, we did not care about a game's market label, or whether the game was a AAA title or a popular mobile game.Instead, while holding the most basic of game controllers, we simply played the games. By cooperating and competing with each other, we found the happiness of gaming through the joy of victory and the agony of defeat.After concluding this nostalgic journey, we wanted to share the bliss of gaming with more people. With this ‘small goal’ in mind, the ‘starship’ named SPARK NEXA, which was full of our ambition, finally departed on its long voyage.Fortunately, SPARK NEXA's members hail from a team that has worked together for years. With core functions such as Planning, Programming, Art, and Distribution all accounted for, we were able to quickly determine the directions of our new products and began developing them in earnest.Joy is the eternal motivator—over the past two years, we've always chased after the pure bliss of gaming. Keeping our motto of “fun, but could be even more fun” in mind, we've continuously refined version updates and attracted hundreds of like-minded partners in pursuit of the “pinnacle of fun”.Fellow travelers of the wide world of games, do look forward to the day when we realize the seemingly impossible “pinnacle of fun” in our games!Xu Jie,SPARK NEXA's Creator and Studio DirectorEvery grand exploration requires a leader and SPARK NEXA is no exception.After graduating in 2007, Xu Jie joined NetEase and worked in the gaming industry for 16 years. He is the producer of numerous nationally renowned MMO and card games. From a start in game planning, his career spans successive lead game designer and producer positions, until he finally became director of the Zhurong game studio.Finding like-minded people and exploring the uncharted reaches of the gaming universe are his intentions behind creating SPARK NEXA.Mou Zhenmin,Art Director,Mou Zhenmin graduated from the China Academy of Art.A former employee of Changyou and NetEase, he possesses over ten years of industry experience. An expert at eclectic art styles, he is also an educational specialist in this field.He believes that ‘inspiration is born from the spark of an endless creative universe’, which is how the name ‘SPARK NEXA’ came to be. Now, witness how this ‘visual magician’ creates the most novel, interesting, and extraordinary gaming experience.Sheng Kai,Technical Director,Sheng Kai has developed a wide variety of games and is proficient in Unreal, Unity, and Cocos engines. He is also the problem solving expert for all of the company's projects.Previously employed at Kingsoft and NetEase, he has also established his own tech company before.As Chief Technical Director of SPARK NEXA, he leads his technical team to master the required core technologies that allow SPARK NEXA to brave any obstacles that it may encounter in the wide expanse of space and remain undefeated.Chen Yanjiang,CSJ Studio Group Director,With a doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology, his drive for rigorous scientific research allows him to lead his team in mapping accurate projections.Having joined NetEase after graduating, he has over ten years of experience in designing and producing MMO and card games.With a rational mentality borne from his academic background and a romantic sentimentality that is full of curiosity, he is always able to find the brightest star in the galaxy, ahead of all other spacefaring voyagers.Cui Minmin,Distribution Director,Once employed at Procter & Gamble and NetEase, Cui Minmin has been working in the gaming industry for ten-odd years, which has provided her with vast experience in cross-console and cross-product distribution.When we're prepared to explore a brand new gaming planet, she is the one who will chart the most optimal path to our destination.As the world changes, creativity never ends. ‘A passion for media and communications’ is her lifelong motto.Exciting Fullscreen Action Game,A mysterious shop that sells dreamscapes, countless bizarre and strange dreamworlds... Dreamcatcher, travel across the chaotic dreamlands of humankind and capture shapeshifting dream spirits. Features an abundance of maps and stages, hundreds of echo combinations, and the freedom to build whatever team that suits your playstyle! A genuine action-adventure that spans the entire screen begins now!Official Website,Officially-Licensed RPG Game for the Novel, Lord of the Mysteries,Officially licensed from Cuttlefish That Loves Diving—a Platinum Writer on the China Literature online literature platform, the official Lord of the Mysteries RPG game adaptation is currently in fervent development—Chant his divine name,Embark on supernatural pathways,‘Act’ out your role within reason,And never forget the way back to your heart.